Monthly Archives: July 2012

Our Purpose

We are Great Lakes Carpentry, Inc. and our objective is to help our customers save money on their home energy costs, while helping them reduce their carbon emissions through smart home building.   We are proud to be the first builders in the State of Wisconsin to build a Wisconsin Energy Star Rated and Green-Built Certified Full Log Home.

Great Lakes Carpentry is a custom home builder serving beautiful Northern Wisconsin.  We specialize in building high performance timber frame, full-log and SIP (structural insulated panel) homes.  Our passion lies in building safe, durable, and extremely energy-efficient homes. We’ve taken the Department of Energy’sBuilders Challenge” for innovative and energy-efficient homes and currently hold the lead for enrolled and verified homes for the State of Wisconsin.

We created this blog in order to inform the public of the benefits of practicing building science principles and disciplines, for the design and construction of their new homes and remodeling projects.

We will do our best to keep our posts current and fresh. We look forward to  sharing our experiences with what we hope will become a like-minded following. We look forward to any and all comments, as long as they are constructive. It’s how we learn to raise our game. We hope for encouragement and are eager to share information and ideas.

Thank you, for reading and showing an interest.