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Building on Purpose

As a Green Building Professional, we understand building science and how the laws of nature interact with not only the outside, but the inside of the homes that we build. We take a holistic approach to the design and build phases of each home and look upon the indoor environment as an ecosystem all its’ own.

The indoor environment is similar to that of our planet, it’s a delicate balance of systems that work in unison.
We can’t change one aspect without affecting another.

We also believe in climate science and understand the connection between green house gasses and climate change.

Our mission and purpose is two-fold.
Our objective to help our clients to realize meaningful savings on the costs to operate their homes, provide them with durable structures that are comfortable and safe, with healthy indoor environments while at the same time helping them to reduce their contribution of greenhouse gas.
We consider this a win/win, feel the good proposition.

We want to help our clients to do the right thing for more than just their finances, we want to help them in acting responsibly and to feel good about doing the right thing for our planet and the future generations that we leave our world to.
We don’t look upon ourselves as owners, but as stewards of our land, our community and our planet.

At Great Lakes Carpentry we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.
On February 17th we joined 40,000 plus individuals in marching on the White House in Washington D.C. in protest of the Keystone XL pipeline. Tar Sands.

Raising our Voice

Raising our Voice

The Keystone XL pipeline is an environmental disaster waiting to happen.
Extraction of oil from the tar sands produces as much carbon emissions as burning the fuel once it’s produced. And it won’t make us energy independent or bring down the price of gas.
If the carbon contained in the tars sands deposit is put into the atmosphere, it’s game over for life on earth. Not to mention the risks to our heartlands aquifers and farmlands.
The sole purpose of the pipeline is corporate greed/profit and for shipping all oil overseas.

Saying No To Tar Sands

Saying No To Tar Sands

Our sense of responsibility and our moral conscious tell us that it’s our duty to raise our voice in protest over this one key issue.
We’re taking an active role as global citizens as well as responsible builders, for the future generations that will inherit more than the homes that we build, they’ll inherit our planet and the environment we leave behind.

If you’re environmental conscious, would like to feel good about building responsibly and save money by doing so, contact us at Great Lakes Carpentry.
We’re building on purpose.